Lake St Clair Sailors Apparel

A clear DESTINATION echoed inside the captain. Not within the realm of mind, but anchored deeper. At depths beyond the physical. Fueled through PERSISTENCE, his goal would remain consistent. Unburdened by THOUGHTS of treacherous seas, a course was plotted. With the wind at his back, and eyes fixed in the direction he INTENDED to go, he set his sails. Day by day he crept towards his DESTINATION… Far off on the horizon, fast approaching from the east, storm clouds made their first appearance. As the wind began to howl, and the seas churned at his peril, he did not waiver from his course. Ever so slightly, inch by inch, wave by wave, PROGRESS was made. His DESTINATION was now clear as day. A level of FOCUS descended upon the captain unbeknownst to men at normal hours. Eventually, rays of sunlight protruded through the weakening storm, revealing a ruby red sunset. As the captain stood, serenading in the hue of the ambient sun, a glimpse of land caught his attention. His DESTINATION! Patiently awaiting his arrival, just as he had ENVISIONED it. He was never concerned about how he would make it to his DESTINATION, but only WHERE HE WAS HEADED!